Hollywood’s Ten Best Dressed Ladies

Written by Olivia Winter

Prominent fashion magazines such as Elle Magazine, People Magazine, Hollywood Reporter, and others have drawn up their own lists of Hollywood’s most best-dressed women. The list given here is, by no means, comprehensive; however, everybody in the fashion industry would agree that the following Hollywood ladies are among the most well-dressed.

10. Reese Witherspoon is looking amazing these days, and whether preggers or not – it just does not affect her style in the least.
9. Rihanna blazes trails whenever she goes because she loves bright coloured dresses that show skin.
8. Jessica Alba is one of the hottest stars around; however, she looks her best in jeans and almost specializes in wearing them.
7. Everything about Diane Kruger is highly fashionable, irrespective of whether she is walking along the streets of New York or at a fashion show.
6. Jennifer Lawrence is new to stardom, but looks fabulous in her beautiful dresses. Besides, she recently dyed her hair.
5. Lauren Conrad never goes out without her Chanel Caviar handbag. While the star focuses on simplicity, she somehow looks stunning because of her choice of trendy dresses and accessories.
4. Blake Lively of Gossip Girl wears designer clothes that can make jaws drop. Her favourites appear to be Rag and Bone and Vena Cava.
3. Kate Hudson, who is very popular for her fashionable taste buds, was the centre of attraction at the Milan Fashion Week. She wore a gorgeous gold sequinned dress.
2. Kerry Washington is known for her ability to mix and match the best creations of top designers such as Jimmy Choo and Louis Vuitton. This Hollywood lady definitely has clothes that can accentuate her curves.
1. Anne Hathaway’s wardrobe is full of trendy, yet feminine attire. A star who earned an Oscar nomination before she turned thirty, she has been spotted in gorgeous garments from Dior, Azzaro, Chanel, and others.

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