Kardashians and Their Dash of Fashion

Written by Olivia Winter

So what’s so great about Kim Kardashian’s fashion style? Well, beyond the fact that she is simply gorgeous and is always wearing outfits that look sexy, chic and casual at the same time – she has a background in fashion apparel. Kim once worked as a personal shopper and celebrity stylist for several years before she became a noted fashion designer, TV star, and pitchwoman. She can now design unbelievably fabulous outfits that dazzle viewers.

DASH and Kardashian are often believed to be the same brand, though they are different. Fashion buffs will not find DASH products in online stores, but will come across them only in popular television shows.

The Kardashian sisters, who co-own the DASH brand, give out their brand to third-party designers, which is how the Kardashian brand differs from the DASH brand.

Kardashian Kollection contains a wide range of women’s apparel, accessories, and other products bearing the Kardashian brand name, available at affordable rates.

In fact, the Kardashian Kollection contains 200 outfits that the Kardashian sisters promote.

The Kardashian sisters’ dash of fashion also includes K-DASH, which is much more affordable than the Kardashian Kollection.

Fashion enthusiasts can find the sisters promoting Kardashian and DASH designs on television.

Shopping online for authentic Kardashian apparel is a daunting task because there are a number of online vendors trying to peddle fakes. The DASH outfits seen on television are just not available at online stores, while Kardashian Kollections and K-DASH branded products are exclusively available at Sears and QVC.

Recently Kim shared her fashion secrets with InStyle, revealing that her favourite outfits are black blazers as they can be paired with almost any outfit; high-waist pants as they flatter most feminine shapes, wide belts as they emphasize slim waists, and leggings as they are comfortable.

Each sister has her unique fashion style although they sometimes wear similar outfits in different styles to accentuate their best physical features. For example, while Kim wears loose dresses with a waist belt, Kourtney just wears it loose.

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