Lady Gaga’s Five Boldest Fashion Statements

Written by Olivia Winter

Lady Gaga is probably more famous for her amazing fashion statements than for her hit numbers Poker Face and Just Dance, forcing those related to the fashion industry to think that she must be setting fashion trends that are yet to be discovered. Only Lady Gaga could make fashion statements as bold as these five.

White and Silver - Lady Gaga wore a blazer of satin white, shining tights, ankle boots, and disco ball panties to her performance at Raleigh Penthouse in March 2008.
The Atrocious Meat Dress - When Lady Gaga turned up at the MTV Video Music Awards 2010 red carpet in a dress made of raw beef and a matching purse and head gear, she made eyebrows rise and stomachs churn in horror. The editors of Time Magazine called it the “number one Fashion Statement of 2010.” Lady Gaga explained that she wore a meat dress to show that “if we didn’t stand up for our rights, we’d be nothing but meat on our bones.”
Fur Dress - Lady Gaga seems to be fond of fur; an infuriated PETA and animal rights activists do not worry her. She once walked along the streets of Cologne dressed in high heels, a white outfit, and a large fox fur around her neck. In fact, she couldn’t walk, but had to be helped around.
Her Royal Bubble Coat - Lady Gaga’s bubble dress, the one she wore to her San Diego show, has been widely described as “bubblicious.” The star described it as “a commentary on what it means to be a lady.”
The Furry Burkha - The burkha is considered to be simultaneously oppressive and liberating, depending on the woman who wears it and those who view it. Lady Gaga’s burkha, however, was out of this world. She arrived at the London Fashion Week wearing a burkha made of fur and nude silk, another bold fashion statement.

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