Winter Style Possibilities

Written by Olivia Winter

Winter outerwear is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and there is something on the shelves to suit all tastes and preferences. Toggle coats, for instance, come in almost every colour and material imaginable and are enough to keep the average winter shopper busy for hours.

While winter outerwear such as scarves, jackets, mittens, and hats are of great importance for a winter shopper, the winter coat can take up most of his/her attention. The best thing about a toggle coat is that shoppers need not spend all their money on them. Some of the loveliest toggle coats are available for less than $100. For example, Victoria’s Secret presents a hooded duffle toggle coat made of imported wool and featuring zip and button work and a removable hood (red). It pairs very well with chic sweater dresses and is quite affordable.

And those who have no idea what a toggle coat can mean to a woman must attend one of those fashion events and watch the celebrities on the red carpet. They can give observes excellent lessons on the culture of wearing toggle coats. Once an important part of uniforms worn by British Navy officers during the First World War, the toggle coat has evolved into one of the most fashionable item of winter outerwear a woman can wear. Toggle coats are ideal for the lady who loves to show off her curves as they are cut to suit the wearer’s shape and feature attractive button and hook work.

Winter shoppers can consider browsing through toggle coats, also known as duffle coats, such as Jessica Simpson duffle coats (blue), Rothschild girls’ duffle coat, Shyla duffle coat (brown), Miss London duffle coat, and many others, which can not only make the wearer look stylish, but can also keep the chill and cold out.

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