What’s Hot in Twilight Fashion

Written by Olivia Winter

The Twilight Saga has utterly changed the way people think about fashion as the Twilight crew has presented such unique looks to the world that it has led to an entirely new term—the Twilight Fashion, which includes all the fabulous outfits worn by the Twilight crew both on screen and off it.

Among the highlights of the Twilight Saga is starlet Kristen Stewart’s evolution from simple jeans to the asymmetrical dress of colour blocks she wore on the occasion of the Twilight première in Los Angeles. Ever since, she has presented herself in several one-sleeved dresses, and recently, she presented herself in a nude lace gown that attracted a lot of attention.

Among the Twilight crew, Ashley Greene has a penchant for feminine and classy looks when she is on the red carpet. For example, she wore a splendid red gown with cut-out shoulders to the première of the New Moon. Compared to Ashley, Nikki Reed is much more adventurous as far as fashion is concerned. Her sense of fashion includes cleavage, feathers, and embroidery—a feat no other starlet has managed to achieve so far.

Bella Swan, the better half of Kristen Stewart, underwent a mind boggling fashion transformation in the first part of Breaking Dawn. When her Sneakers gave way to Manolos, she could hardly walk, but she definitely looked elegant and attracted admiring glances. Worth mentioning is Bella’s fascinating Vera Wang wedding gown, an excellent mixture of the modern and the old-fashioned, which made her look sexy and innocent at the same time.

Robert Pattinson, in the character of Edward Cullen, showed the world exactly how sexy a peacoat could look by displaying it in Twilight. To make things more interesting, the character of Jacob Black went shirtless after New Moon, giving viewers a chance to admire his awesome biceps, abs, and six pack.

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