Red Lips Are All the Rage

Written by Olivia Winter

According to Amy Nadine, a celebrity make-up artist, red lips match light coloured outfits but need a particular dash of style to be teemed with brightly coloured outfits. She admits that she loves matching outfits of grey, white, and black with red lips.

In fact, every make-up artist worth their mascara will shot out along with the top celebrities that red pouts are seductive this season. When they team shades of red lipstick, mascara, black eye-liner, and gorgeous cocktail dresses, they create stunning looks.

Here are 10 celebrities who were not scared to go red!

Marilyn Monroe famously wore her Chanel No. 5 when she went to bed, but she preferred her ruby lipstick rest of the time.
Dita Von Teese simply refuses to be seen in public without her favourite scarlet lips.
Taylor Momsen of The Gossip Girl looks tailor made for the red carpet, with bright red lips that can get cameras flashing almost automatically.
Nobody can pair red and black as well as supermodel Agyness Deyn. She teams black outfits, with black eye-liners, dark eyebrows, and plenty of red lipstick.
Liv Tyler pairs her drabbest day dresses with coral red lipsticks with nail polish to match. That makes even the dullest black, white, and grey outfits look trendy.
Christina Aguilera has achieved a brand new red carpet look by pairing her platinum hair with bright red lips. The combo never fails to make an impact.
Emma Watson, who starred in Harry Potter, has now become a big girl. She wears sophisticated black outfits and gives herself glossy red lips to match.
Scarlett Johansson knows that nothing suits her better than scarlet. That’s the colour she gives her lips to get that red-hot red carpet look.
Daisy Lowe sported berry-red lips with dark outfits and hair to match throughout the winter.
For the past several years, Chloe Sevigny has painted her lips red.

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