The Olsen Twins with the Fashion Sense

Written by Olivia Winter

The Olsen twins are now in their mid-twenties, but they have achieved more than most people would ever achieve in their entire lifetimes.

They started playing lead roles in TV shows when they were mere toddlers, and when they entered their tween years, they starred in shows such as Double, Double, Toil, and Trouble, Full House and Billboard Dad, to mention just three. They co-own a fashion brand called The Row, which is widely acclaimed in the fashion circles and recently won the Women’s Wear Designer of the Year Award 2012.

The Olsen twins thrive on fashion and style. When they were in their teens, Ashley and Mary Kate wore matching outfits although they owned unique and distinct wardrobes. Today, they appear in fur stoles, jackets, and scarves. When enquired about this change, Mary Kate said that it is colder in New York than in California, where they used to live. The twins no longer spend long hours wearing matching outfits, but they still share many things in common.

The celebrity twins also help their younger sister Lizzie Olsen with her wardrobe. Lizzie recently announced that she never goes shopping, but gets her entire wardrobe from The Row.

She also admitted that she wears outfits from the twins’ closet if she is not wearing something from The Row.

Referring to her sisters as the classiest in the family, she said that she is the basic dresser of the family. The fashion world, however, begs to differ and considers Elizabeth to be just as classy as her sisters although she plunges into The Row for her outfits.

Recently, the Olsen twins celebrated their 26th birthday. They have come a long way, from toddler TV stars to the owners of a company called Dualstars, and are now numbered among the richest women in the entertainment, style, and fashion industry.

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