Top 5 Greatest Red Carpet Fashion Disasters of 2012

Written by Olivia Winter

Although stars manage to look good most of the time, they have their bad days too, and this is how we get an ever-growing list of fashion disasters. Here are some of the top fashion disasters of 2012.

1. Nicki Minaj’s Red Robe - Nicki Minaj turned up for Grammy Awards 2012 in an outfit from Versace, strongly resembling a Little Red Riding Hood costume. The outfit and her performance on the occasion simply didn’t match although it invited a lot of unwanted attention.
2. Luke Perry’s Weird Outfit - Most of those who become victims of a fashion disaster are women because they have a wide choice ahead of them. Luke Perry proved that he was as good as the ladies by turning up in old jeans, a large buckler, a shirt, a jacket, and a cap, which would have been the perfect outfit for a day on the farm, but was all wrong for a formal event.
3. Amanda Peets’ Wedding - Amanda Peets, who appeared on the red carpet of Golden Globes 2012, wore a lacy white tiered outfit designed by Marc Jacobs. One can safely say that it failed to create the desired effect; instead, it made Peets look like a tiered wedding cake with plenty of frills.
4. Jessica’s Great Makeup and Bad Dress - Jessica Biel paid a lot of attention to her make-up and hair do before turning up on the Golden Globes red carpet, but unfortunately, her dress did not match either her make-up or her hairdo. It simply failed to accentuate her best physical features.
5. Sonam Kapoor at Cannes 2012 - Sonam Kapoor disappointed her fans by wearing Naeem Khan’s large black satin polka- dotted gown, which was simply hideous. She made things worse by turning up later in Marni green checked top with a brown knee-length skirt.

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